Florida SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Florida SEO & Search Marketing should be the first thing any Florida business looks at if they need to gain new customers and new revenue.

The problem for many small business owners is that they are confused about exactly what they should be doing.  There is a great deal of misinformation and (unfortunately) a lot of folks who are far more concerned about separating small business owners from their money then they are with actually achieving results.

At Florida Search Optimization we want you know about the common mistakes and pitfalls that many people fall in to and give you a list of the internet marketing strategies that are most effective.

Let’s start first with a brief list of the most important search marketing tactics that any Florida small business should take if they want to begin to use search engines to market their business effectively:

1) A WEB SITE – Did you know that somewhere around 50% of small businesses do not have a website?  If your company doesn’t yet have a site, believe it or not, you can still do a pretty good job marketing your business online.

For most companies though, a well designed and well optimized web site is the foundation of all other search marketing.

2) SEO – SEO or search engine optimization is the next step.  SEO is the process of  adding the features to a site that the search engines value.   Search engines use these featureswhen they weigh the relevance of a site for a particular search term.  The key to SEO is getting sites to score highly in the search engines for the most highly searched and most applicable keyword phrases.

As a business owner – you must know where your site ranks in Google for the terms that are directly related to your business.  Google represents 70% of all search and it’s important to focus there initially. Get a free report on your sites current SEO STATUS.

3) PLACE PAGE MARKETING – this is another big one for Google and also for destination sites like Facebook and Twitter.  The important thing to know is that you – as a business owner – must control and optimize your local business data.  Realize that you do not have to even have a website to show up in Google Places or other online directories.  The local business directories have information on nearly all 30 million small businesses in the country.  This business data shows up in the Map Results, on mobile applications, in GPS systems and hundreds of Place Pages and directories.

4) SOCIAL MARKETING – Look on any major brand website and notice that every single one of them has Twitter, Facebook and You Tube logos on the home page.  Linking your homepage to your profile at these destination sites is now an important part of SEO.  Keep in mind that profiles can be built in a way that improves your search engine visibility or it can be done in a way that will have no effect on the search engines.  I am not necessarily encouraging my clients to be actively engaged in social marketing – but it is important to Google that you have optimized and linked profiles.

5) VIDEO - As we mentioned above – video and You Tube video hosting falls under the broad umbrella of social marketing but search engine optimization and marketing with video really represents the next growth area for small business marketing.  Your site should have an informative video on the home page that is hosted on You Tube.  Did you know that Google owns You Tube?  Did you know that you will get better rank in your Google Places Pages if you have video in your profile?  Did you know the only way to add video to your Place Page is via You Tube?  The video from You Tube should also be on your social profiles and many other important points of presence online.  Videos, video channels and video submissions can all be optimized to help your video gain even more value.  Video can be produced inexpensively with today’s technology and nearly any small business should be able to use video to their advantage.